Do the Deva 3-Step

DevaCurl, Wondrous products for Wavy/Curly Hair

Embracing your curls begins with a proven three-step hair care technique: Cleanse. Hydrate. Define. Devacurl for curly hairThat’s the Deva 3-Step. No matter your curl type: S’wavy, Wavy, Botticelli or Corkscrew, doing the Deva 3-Step guarantees naturally gorgeous and frizz free, manageable curls.

It is that simple.

By nature, curly hair tends to be dry. Without sufficient moisture, curls become dehydrated, resulting in frizz. The combination of DevaCurl No-Poo, DevaCurl One Condition and DevaCurl Light Defining Gel provides curls with the ideal balance of conditioning, moisturization, and definition. Check out this video to watch the Deva 3-Step!


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