Use Me! Refill. Reuse. Repeat.

We have been carrying the product line Use Me! for about a year now.

This fantastic line, Use Me! developed by a salon owner/hairstylist in Portland, Maine has been very successful with our stylists and our clients.Use Me! Hair Products

Refill, Reuse, Repeat is the concept behind Use Me! products, an organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, eco-friendly hair care brand. It is as straightforward as the name on the bottle; what you see is what you get. Every product in the Use Me! line is made with natural ingredients that give you unbeatable, realistic results. The fear of leaving the salon and not being able to reconstruct your stylist’s creation is all in the past, as Use Me! clearly states how to use each product at home.

With a growing collection of eight products (and more to come!), each promotes health and holistic hair care. The entire beauty experience, from cleansing to styling, is enhanced with essential oils and botanicals, such as lavender, jasmine, Spanish moss, and lemongrass. An added bonus is that the company gives 1% of its sales back to environmental charities.

These products are made of quality ingredients which makes the price point a little higher than some of the other products we carry. However, when used properly, these products last longer because they are developed from such high quality ingredients. The cleansers are very creamy and are sulfate free so your hair feels cleansed, not stripped of their natural oils. Because the cleansers are sulfate free they do not lather the way typical shampoos do. This does not mean you need to use more, a few pumps will cleanse the scalp with out a lather. Same goes for the moisturizers, a little goes a long way.
A tip to remember is cleanser is for the scalp and moisturizer is for the mid-shaft to ends of the hair.

The styling line is small, but effective.
Curl Up & Shine Crème is the curl crème of any curly girl’s dream—a bit of this cream springs curls to life and keeps frizz under control without the weight other products can cause. There is no stickiness, stiffness or oiliness weighing you down.
Get It Straight Gelee leaves hair full and light, knocks out curls and frizz, and locks out humidity for a full and smooth look that lasts all day long.
Sea Salt Matte Paste and Anti Gravity Volume Myst, add another dimension to the Use Me line.
Sea Salt Matte Paste provides a mattifying texture, giving you that sexy, tousled “just got out of bed” look. As the product with the most hold, it has been described as “hairspray in a jar!”  This paste is also great when used as a styling aid for men’s haircuts.
The incredible Anti Gravity Volume Myst pumps up volume and thickness, allowing hair to achieve unimaginable fullness and body.  
As an added bonus, the Matte Paste and Volume Myst can be combined into a customizable styler—mixed together they create Sea Myst Texture Spray, giving your hair effortless beachy waves and a saltwater texture.

This blog was written by Sacha, Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Stylists Director

Sacha, Stylists Director

Sacha, Stylists Director

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