Hair Extensions at Christiaan Salon

Hair extensions can be a fun, low-maintenance way to enhance your style. They add body and shape to a cut that needs reinvention, and allow for creative play with highlights and lowlights without unnecessary chemical treatment of your own hair. Over 80 color choices ensure that you will find a flawless match to your natural hair tones, as well as allow you to experiment with spirited hues such as pink and purple. Extensions are available in straight, wavy, and curly. You can brush, wash, blow-dry, flat-iron or curl them; relax, perm, braid, and twist them. Because they are made entirely of human hair—no synthetics—they will maintain their healthy texture and volume, and give you endless options for casual and formal looks. Most salons offer three different types of hair extensions, which use varying application techniques: bonded, tape-in, and clip-in.

Bonded hair extensions work well with hair that either falls just above the shoulder, or is especially fine. Keratin bond extensions are a perfect choice for someone who has always wanted longer, fuller, more luxurious locks, and who is concerned about hair damage. A stylist heats the keratin, which acts as an adhesive, and uses it to attach each extension piece by hand. Treated with care, these extensions can last for as long as four months.

Those with shoulder-length hair or longer who are searching for a lower-cost alternative to the bonding process might prefer tape-in hair extensions. Just like bonded extensions, tape-ins provide extra volume and length, and perhaps even a flash of fresh color. Stylists need only about two hours to apply them, and therefore charge less for labor. The price of a full set of tape-in extensions starts at approximately $550. They last for three months, and once removed, leave behind no wear and tear on natural hair.

Though they boast the lowest price of all, clip-in extensions are a high-quality favorite for clients who want more control over when and how they wear fashion accessories. Clip-in prices begin at $350. These extensions are made of 100% human hair, just like bonded and tape-in extensions, and respond beautifully to coloring, blow-drying, flat-ironing, and curling. They also boost self-assurance by adding fullness and length. Many clients purchase them for weddings, proms, and other special occasions. Five natural tones are available, and to guarantee an exact blend with the client’s natural hair tones, a stylist can treat these extensions with custom coloring for an additional cost. Most stylists ask that their clients undergo personalized consultations so that they can learn how to insert them on their own.

Whether you decide to purchase bonded, tape-in, or clip-in hair extensions, you will be pleased by the little amount of maintenance required to enjoy them. Salons normally give their clients a specific type of shampoo and conditioner and specialized styling tools to assist them in caring for their extensions, and in protecting their investment. You might find that your salon welcomes you to return every 4-6 weeks for a check-in and necessary touch-ups, in case any extensions are growing loose. The best way to keep your extensions secure and healthy is to sleep with them dry and tied back in a braid, and to rinse them after swimming in chlorinated or salty water. If you decide that you want to remove them, whether you wish to take a break, try new colors and lengths, or refresh their quality, you can count on a fairly quick visit to your salon. Your stylist can most likely take out old extensions and install new ones in the same appointment, as long as you have requested a new order of extensions ahead of time.

A personalized consultation in which you discuss your preferences and your price point will assure you that you are making the right choices when it comes to hair extension options. Your stylist can coach you in planning your transformation so that you feel excited about your renewed look, and confident about making it last.

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