10 Reasons Women Hate Their Hair Cut

hair cut

  1. Hair cut too short.  Less expensive salons tend to do this.   At Christiaan we will show you exactly how much we are going to cut off, No surprises. And if needs to be shorter, we will gladly do it.
  2. Haircut doesn’t flatter her face.  The haircut looks great on other woman, say with a long face shape, but she has a fuller face.  The new haircut makes her face look even fuller.  At Christiaan Salon, the hairstylist will warn her and suggest how to alter the style to still keep the same look.
  3. Hair lays flat on her head, there is no volume.   Some women insist on wearing their hair long when they get older and their hair isn’t as thick as it used to be.  So the thinner hair lays flatter on their head; there is no volume.  Shorter hair will look thicker, fuller and more youthful.
  4. She told the hairstylist “Do whatever you want to do, create, make me look fantastic.” This is okay if the hairdresser really knows the woman.  But, if the hairstylist isn’t tuned into who she is (personality, profession, age, kind of hair, etc.), this is a recipe for disaster. At Christiaan she will see lots of pictures of different styles recommended by the stylist that will work for her face, figure and hair.
  5. Doesn’t  look like the celebrity in the picture.  There are many factors.  Her makeup, the hair style and the hair color.  At Christiaan, we can help with all those things including teaching her how to dry/finish her hair at home.
  6. Doesn’t like her haircut or color.  She should ask women that have styles and colors she likes about the name of their stylist and salon.  Two things; name of stylist is important, not just salon.  Also, the woman she admires should have similar hair, age, length, texture, etc.
  7. Will never be able to reproduce the results that the hairdresser did.  At Christiaan, we discuss beforehand how she will be finishing her hair at home to get the same results as in the salon.   She could also get finishing lessons.
  8. Trying to grow her hair out (longer) but wants the ends trimmed just a smidgen, just the split ends.  The hair will never get any longer if it is cut more than ½ inch per month.  At Christiaan, we advise getting the ends trimmed off every three months so the hair can get longer.  We also advise on avoiding splitting the ends.  Inexpensive brushes will slice the hair ends.  Too hot irons and too hot blow drying will dry out the hair causing split ends.
  9. “She’d look great with thick bangs; they would hide her wrinkles.”  If the customer has a full face, this will make it even fuller.  At Christiaan, we would advise wispy bangs.
  10. “Her husband (boyfriend) won’t like it.”  He just likes long hair.  Sometimes hair is too thin and/or fine to look good long.   Hair extensions do a great job of making hair thicker and longer.  There are also pin-in hair extensions for temporary a long and or thicker look. See Christiaan Extension page,  http://christiaansalon.com/hair-extensions/

At Christiaan Salon,  We want our clients to be comfortable. We smile a lot.

We listen the first time and every time you visit us.

We attend education classes frequently so that clients get the finest quality services with the most up to date techniques, products, and equipment.

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