Is Short Hair, the New Long?

The myths are finally fading away. Those stereotypical concerns are worries of the past—that girls with short hair have fewer options for experimenting, or that they aren’t as Emma Watson, short hair at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RIfeminine as their friends with flowing locks. These days, glamorous and poised celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, and Michelle Williams give short cuts a good name. Halle Berry’s pixie frames her flawless complexion, and P!nk’s platinum pompadour declares her independence. If you are pining for a new look, it could be time to build up some bravery and take change by the shears.

Short hair tends to turn heads, as those girls who go for it seem to radiate with confidence. Short hair highlights their facial features, and sends the message that they would rather spend their time on activities and adventures other than blow-drying, curling, braiding, and up-doing. Long tresses tangle easily. Pieces fall into eyes, get wound up in brushes, and cause sweating in warm weather. Short hair stays out of the way and even looks cute peeking out from under a wool winter hat. A sleek bob can prove the standout of a woman’s formalwear ensemble, showing off her neck and shoulders in a strapless gown and testifying to her sophisticated tastes. Short hair can be tousled and whimsical, too. It’s also the perfect companion to an athlete who must concentrate on what her body is doing, not her hair.

An expert stylist can give hair the right architecture and dimension for a woman’s facial shape by deciding on how chunky the pieces should be, how layered, or how light and airy. The cut can look edgy and fierce, or soft and natural. Short hair responds well to fun products, including mousses and gels. Headbands, scarves, and barrettes create pops of color and fashion in short ’dos just as creatively as in long ones. Even just seeking tips from short-hair specialists and modeling her techniques after short-haired celebrities can give a girl something new and entertaining to do, enhancing a fresh outlook on life.Halle Berry short hair at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

A fact to remember when considering whether to take the plunge or not? Hair always grows back. So if you take the risk and go Halle-Berry short, you can still look forward to months of playing with endless styles as your hair grows longer, bit by bit.

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  2. Love these short haircuts, especially Anne Hathaway’s blonde pixie cut!

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    I live in riner va. Where is the best place to go for an expert stylist, according to facial shape? Thank you!

  4. Short Hairstyles. 1000s of Cuts for Women in 2015.

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