Is Short Hair, the New Long?

The myths are finally fading away. Those stereotypical concerns are worries of the past—that girls with short hair have fewer options for experimenting, or that they aren’t as feminine as their friends with flowing locks. These days, glamorous and poised celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, and Michelle Williams give short cuts a good name. Halle Berry’s pixie frames her flawless...
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Beauty Trends, 7-2014

Beauty Trends Golden Girls: If it isn’t already, let bronzer become your best friend for summer – inspired by the tanned skin at Topshop Unique, Michael Kors, House of Holland and Donna Karan, where a Seventies-style glow looked brand new again. There was also a Studio 54 vibe to the bronze eyes at the likes of Jason Wu, whilst a gilded beauty was on show at Christian Dior and Dries...
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Short Hair, can’t do anything with it!

Melissa, Christiaan Salon Haircutting Educator, “People say that you can’t do anything with short hair!” These are a few of her selfies with the various and sundry looks for her short hair.  She changes her look every single day.  It’s always a surprise. Link to Short Hair...
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10 Reasons Women Hate Their Hair Cut

Hair cut too short.  Less expensive salons tend to do this.   At Christiaan we will show you exactly how much we are going to cut off, No surprises. And if needs to be shorter, we will gladly do it. Haircut doesn’t flatter her face.  The haircut looks great on other woman, say with a long face shape, but she has a fuller face.  The new haircut makes her face look even fuller.  At...
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