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Tasha, Esthetician Success Story.Success Story, Christiaan Salon and Day Spa-Providence, RI- Tasha

A few months ago, I was doing a trial for a bride with an upcoming wedding.  At her appointment, I had asked her if she had ever waxed her eyebrows.  Her response was “no, should I?”.  I said that we could start out with just cleaning up the center of her brows and see how she liked that.  She agreed and we waxed not only the center of her brows but also cleaned up under the brows as well.  She loved it!!!!  She was so excited to go home and see if her fiance would notice.  Her wedding day came and she looked beautiful!  I saw her a few weeks later for a maintenance appointment and that is when we took it a next step further and we waxed her upper lip.  She came so far in just a few appointments.  It’s great to see people step out of their comfort zone and do a little to help their appearance.

Amanda, stylist/colorist Success Story.Success Story, Christiaan Salon and Day Spa-providence-ri-amanda

It’s great to work in a job where each and every day I can make people happy. Most recently I had a client come in who had always been fighting with her hair. She had a lot of coarse, frizzy, unmanageable hair that for years she has spent hundreds of dollars on every product that promised smooth hair. When she came to me I instantly recommended she try a keratin complex treatment. 3 weeks later she came in for her service, 1 hr and 45 minutes later the service was complete and my client could not stop smiling. She could instantly see the results of the keratin complex (smooth, soft, shiny, frizz free hair). She looked in the mirror and could not believe the hair on her head was hers. She left me feeling like a new person, and knowing that now when she wakes up, her hair will be one less worry in her day.

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