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Tiana, Stylist Associate Success Story.Tiana, Christiaan Salon and Day Spa-Providence, RI

While I was in Hairdressing school, I had this woman who came in and was in the worst mood.  She had been late all day, forgot her purse on the way to the appointment and was just down in the dumps.  She was a little hesitant with what she had even wanted to do with our appointment.  I suggested an allover color to brighten up her washed out hair color. We also, decided to throw in a few highlights around her face to give it more dimension.  We then gave her a trim and cleaned up her layers.  After everything was said and done, her attitude was completely different.  She said I had made her day and changed how she felt about herself.  A day I have not since forgotten.

Carol, Stylist/Colorist Success StorySuccess Story, Carol, Christiaan Salon and Day Spa in Providence RI - Carol

I glanced at my last appointment, a name I didn’t recognize. Minutes later a woman with a head of frizzy curls walked through the door. She shared many concerns with me about battling her difficult hair, and also her frustration with many other hairstylists. I got the sense that she had just about given up. Everyone should love their hair. I was determined to change her mind about it. I believe that the most common flaw in the work of stylists has little to do with insufficient training, and actually has more to do with their ability to listen. It’s important to me to really get sense of who my client is first, so I am better able to create a style that they will love. After about 1 hour in the chair I turned her around to check out the finished product. A smile lit up her face and she immediately began touching it and swinging it around. She jumped up and hugged me. “Finally,” she said, “This is what I have always wanted.” Needless to say she is now a returning client. It was this day that has really stuck in my mind. This is when I realized truly how big of a difference listening makes.

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