Success Story #5

Ebonee, Salon Coordinator Success Story.Ebonee, Salon Coordinator, Success Story, Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

One perfect day in June, a lovely bride and her party came in to the salon to have their hair and makeup done. Mimosas were served and everyone was getting in to the happy mode of the day.  Until the Mother-in-law to be showed up unexpectedly along with her friends. They assumed their hair and makeup were a part of the bridal party. At first panic might have ensued, but right away we scanned the stylist schedule to see how we could make it work. Fortunately, some stylist were finishing their clients early and were willing to accommodate the new comers. Although we could not fit in a full make up application, touch ups of the eyes and lips were given to all. Thanks to our willing staff, the bride and her party (planned or not) left feeling happy and we were too.

Carla, Stylist/Colorist Success Story.

When I was living in Florida I had met a client who was from Connecticut, who also lived down there. Middle aged woman, stay at home mom, who always seemed very exhausted and overwhelmed (as are most moms who barely have time for themselves!) She returned to me at my salon regularly for her cuts and color, but never stirred too far from her normal look.  Both being from the northeast, we could easily relate to each other, especially being so far from our actual “home “.  Our conversations were effortless, almost like a therapy session for each other. After doing the same one-length simple haircut every time she came to me, she finally took my recommendation of adding some fun layers and texture to switch it up a bit. The next time I saw her she couldn’t stop saying how much she loved the new cut, and told me that for the first time ever, her 16 year old son said, “Mom, you look so beautiful! “  That is just the best feeling knowing that what I, myself created for her could cause such a nice feeling and happiness and to be noticed in a way that she hadn’t before! .

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