Success Story #5

Ebonee, Salon Coordinator Success Story. One perfect day in June, a lovely bride and her party came in to the salon to have their hair and makeup done. Mimosas were served and everyone was getting in to the happy mode of the day.  Until the Mother-in-law to be showed up unexpectedly along with her friends. They assumed their hair and makeup were a part of the bridal party. At first panic might...
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Success Story #4

Melissa, Stylist/Colorist Success Story. My success story is about a very shy teenage girl who came in one day for a “Locks of Love” haircut.  We ended up taking off about 13 inches and gave her a beautiful bob! She came back to me about a month later with tears in her eyes telling me that I had no idea how much the haircut had improved her self-esteem and that people in school were actually...
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Success Story 3

Tiana, Stylist Associate Success Story. While I was in Hairdressing school, I had this woman who came in and was in the worst mood.  She had been late all day, forgot her purse on the way to the appointment and was just down in the dumps.  She was a little hesitant with what she had even wanted to do with our appointment.  I suggested an allover color to brighten up her washed out hair color. We...
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