Debunking Hair Myths

Debunking Hair Myths by Sacha

There are many hair myths that we as stylists hear from our clients every day. Here are a few we thought we would clear up for you!

Pulling out a gray hair will make two grow back in its place. This is totally untrue! It is a nasty habit to get into though, because it could damage the hair follicle. Also, allowing it to grow will make it easier to disguise.

Coloring hair causes major damage. Professional hair color has come a long way and is not nearly as damaging as some people believe. We use Goldwell hair color which has a low ammonia content. We even offer Nectaya, Goldwell’s ammonia free line, which has naturally derived ingredients and argan oil. Also, a little damage to the hair can add a lot of volume to otherwise limp hair.

Getting regular haircuts will make your hair grow faster. Cutting your hair will not make your hair grow any faster. Hair grows an average of ½ an inch per month. Regular haircuts will however prevent split ends. Reducing split ends will prevent breakage and this may make you feel as though your hair is growing myths at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

Split ends can be mended with products. Once your ends are split, there is no repairing that. Some products will make them temporarily stick back together. Split ends can cause hair breakage and is best prevented by regular haircuts and using products which keep your ends healthy.

Hair must be washed daily. A huge mistruth! Over washing the hair will actually make your scalp produce oil at a faster rate because your skin is trying to protect itself from the harsh cleansers. Hair should be washed as needed, every 2-3 days. Dry shampoo can be used at the roots to absorb oil in between washes. If you start skipping days in between washes allow your scalp 2 weeks to fully adjust and regulate itself.

You should swap out shampoos because your hair will get used to it and it will no longer work as well. Your hair does not “get used to” products rendering them useless. Using the correct quality products for your hair is the best thing you can do, but trying new products every now and then is still fun!

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