New Year, New You!

Asymmetrical haircut at Chrsitiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

Asymmetrical haircut

New Year, New You!
New Year’s resolutions are always like a breath of fresh air. Saying goodbye to the stressful holiday season and all built up thoughts from the past 12 months, leaves most of us with a feeling of freedom and rejuvenation. You are now focused on the present, motivated to be the best you can be mentally and physically. Many people like to set goals and make life changes around this time also. New gym routines, cars, or bad habits to break can subconsciously put new pressure on us to overly succeed then we had planned. Don’t be so hard on yourself if your lists of resolutions aren’t coming easy, we are here to help you feel a little bit ‘newer’ this year without the guilt trip!
Change isn’t always simple when it comes to our physical appearance. If we are talking about hair- now that’s a different story! Cuts, colors, and styles have endless possibilities. (Especially when you have a good hair stylist!) There are many ways to change up your look without breaking your bank or pulling a 2007 Brittney Spears. Asymmetrical cuts are a great way to spice up your style without cutting to much off. They can instantly give an edgy, sophisticated, or soft and subtle feeling to any cut, short or long.
Color can give you a quick pick me up without going to drastic. When we hear the word “color” we immediately hear dollar signs cha-ching in the back of our minds, but change doesn’t always have to be costly. If you are a warmer golden blonde, try having your stylist apply an ash based toner to instantly make your blonde cooler toned. This will give you a more sandy, beige blonde. If you’re a dark or cooler color, maybe try out a face frame of some natural painted on highlights.
Also, try changing your part for something quick easy! If you usually wear it to the left side, try the middle or right side. If you normally don’t part your hair, try a dramatic deep part! Even just over directing it a few inches from where you usually have it can be nice. You’d be surprised what an impact an easy change like that can do to your whole look. Social networks like Pinterest are awesome for finding new ideas and inspiration. Try checking out Christiaan’s board before your next appointment!
By Carla, Christiaan Stylist/Colorist

Asymmetrical cuts 

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