KMS CURL UP collection

RECHARGE YOUR CURLS WITH THE POWER OF SCRUNCH! Experience super curls with the new KMS CURL UP collection KMS has two new CURL UP products that we’d like to introduce to all of our curly-haired clients! Want to find a perfecting lotion that won’t leave your curls hard and crunchy, but soft, moisturized and perfectly bundled?!  Well CURL UP perfecting lotion is for you! For all-day definition and...
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Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment is a natural smoothing treatment that reduces frizz and curl in hair. It penetrates the cuticle to rejuvenate the hair from within, making it smoother and healthier while reversing any previous damage. Not only does it completely transform the hair’s texture, but it also blocks the effects of humidity to prevent more frizz. Desiree, an esthetician and nail...
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New Year, New You!

New Year, New You! New Year’s resolutions are always like a breath of fresh air. Saying goodbye to the stressful holiday season and all built up thoughts from the past 12 months, leaves most of us with a feeling of freedom and rejuvenation. You are now focused on the present, motivated to be the best you can be mentally and physically. Many people like to set goals and make life changes around...
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