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During thermal, mechanical, and chemical hair services hair can become damaged. The more frequently the hairOlaplex hair treatment at Christian Salon and Day Spa, 4 Benefit Street, Providence, RI is put through these services, the more damage can occur. In the past this damage has limited what we as stylists can do to the hair. For example, clients with very damaged hair are not candidates for highlights or relaxers.  Human hair is made up of keratin which is a fibrous structural protein. This protein contains large amounts of disulfide bonds which provide strength to the hair strands. These bonds can be weakened by exposure to chemicals and heat styling.  However, a new product called Olaplex is changing that!

Olaplex Hair Treatment is a solution free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, and aldehyde and is never tested on animals. When added to hair color, lightener, relaxers, or perms, this solution multiplies the disulfide bonds, repairing the damage.  By adding Olaplex into our hair color formula, relaxers, and keratin treatments we are able to give people the services they may not have been eligible for in the past.

Sacha, Stylist's Director at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

Sacha, stylist director

Our stylists have been very happy with the results so far. They first experimented on Sacha’s hair because her hair is slightly damaged due to lightening and thermal styling. The Olaplex was added to her highlight formula and the outcome was amazing! In the past she had experienced breakage after highlighting due to weakened disulfide bonds. This time, because of using the Olaplex, there was no breakage at all. Her hair remained strong and the color was exactly what she was looking for.  Since then, we have been using it on several clients, and we could not be happier. This product has truly taken away some of the limitations we had for certain clients. Stylists hate to tell clients they cannot have the service or look they desire and Olaplex has made it so we have to say no even less!

Although Olaplex is amazing, and the staff of Christiaan has been thrilled with the effects of the product, it should be mentioned this is not a magic potion. There are still circumstances where we do have to say no to protect the integrity of the hair. Some hair is too far damaged for even Olaplex to mend. On the flip side, hair does not have to be overly damaged to receive benefits from Olaplex. Adding this product even if you don’t have damaged hair can protect it from being damaged in the future. For example, do you have brunette hair that is healthy and you have been considering going blonde, but are fearful of the damage? The addition of Olaplex to the lightener can makes it possible to maintain the health of the hair but have the color change you are looking for!  Also, this treatment adds more time to an appointment, so please be sure to talk to your stylist if Olaplex is right for your hair.

By Sacha, Christiaan Stylist Director

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