Luxury Blonde Upgrades

Luxury Blonde Upgrades

The spring has finally sprung and lighter hair color is a frequent request from our clients. However, blonde hair comes in a variety of tones and lightness. Here are some of our luxury blonde upgrades available.

If subtle, lightness is what you crave, add some face framing highlights to your next service. This will give you that “I’ve been out in the sun all day” look.Luxury Blonde Upgrades at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

               Already getting highlights but want to alter the tone? Try an Elumen Toner. Elumen is a Goldwell direct dye. This means this line of color can only add color and tones to your existing color. By adding an Elumen toner to an existing blondeing service you can enhance the tone to be a more golden, buttery, or platinum tone. Elumen toners also add amazing shine. This service will add an additional 25 minutes to your appointment time so please book accordingly if you are interested.

               Another option for highlight clients is a New Blonde service. This color service is performed at the shampoo bowl on wet hair and only requires 5 minutes of processing time. New Blonde gently shifts the natural color of your regrowth to soften the contrast between natural hair color and existing blonde highlights. It is good to book a New Blonde service half way between highlight appointments. New Blonde can also be used once to lighten the underneath of the hair to soften the contrast if the top is much lighter.

               For those of you who want to be blonde but are fearful of damaging your hair, we have two options to protect the integrity of your hair. Silk Lift is our most gentle lightener which also provides anti-yellow blonde results. A serum is added to the formula which conditions while it’s processing. It also reduces breakage by 25%. Our second option is Olaplex. Olaplex is a solution that can be added to any lightener or color. This solution increases the amount of disulfide bonds in the hair, providing strength to avoid breakage and damage.

               If you are currently getting an all over color application and not highlights, you may want to consider upgrading from regular Goldwell Topchic color to Goldwell Nectaya. Nectaya is Goldwell’s premium color line which is free of ammonia and is 92% natural including natural fragrances and Argan Oil. This color will leave your hair shinier and healthier with the same great coverage as traditional color.

               We suggest protecting the longevity of all of these color services by adding a Goldwell Blonde and Highlight Color Lock Serum after your hair is shampooed and conditioned. This adds no time to your service but will protect your color for up to 22 shampoos from brassiness or fading.

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