Skin Care Routine Working?

Skin Care Routine Working?  Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RIIs Your Skin Care Routine Really Working?  by Tasha, Christiaan Esthetician

Beginning a new skin care routine can be exciting. As you begin, you’re full of hope. The products promise that you will see results. But eagerness can turn to frustration when days pass without seeing a difference. Does that mean that the product is worthless? No, not at all! It takes a full month for dead skin cells to be replaced with new ones. You need to allow for at least one cycle of skin-cell turnover to be able to judge how well your new routine is working. It’s just not realistic to expect instant results. Even medical procedures aren’t instant – they require healing time.

Be patient when beginning a new routine with new products. Environmental stressors, like sun exposure and smoking, can interfere with how quickly and how well products work on your skin. You should be avoiding unprotected sun exposure and smoking in general, if you want to have healthy skin.

Over the course of a month, as your skin sloughs off old cells and replaces them with new ones, you should begin to see results from your routine. You should notice your skin becoming clearer, smoother and more hydrated. Some skin types react quicker than others, so don’t be disappointed if it takes you a bit longer to see results. Different products take different times to achieve results. Products with hydroquinone, which are meant to lights dark spots, tend to work quickly.

Sometimes the skin goes through an adjustment period when adapting to new products. You may see some breakouts or some flaking. Always monitor your skin for a reaction when beginning a new routine. A reaction of red, raised skin, warm to the touch and possibly itchy should be reported to your skin care professional immediately. Usually any reactions are just temporary, as the skin adjusts to the new routine.

Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently. We are here for you. We want to work together with you to develop a skin care routine that leaves you with clear, healthy skin. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Be patient for the whole first month. You may think you see results sooner, but keep up the routine for a full month before evaluating how effective it is. At the end of four weeks, do an honest evaluation and assessment. If you don’t see improvements, it may be time to try something else.

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