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Preparing Skin For Your Wedding: The Perfect Bridal Skin Care RoutinePerfect Bridal Skin Care at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa

Achieving a Blissful Glow: A Bridal Skin Care Plan

Venue, music, food, photographer, decorations, dress, but what about skincare? Planning your

wedding takes a few months, as should your skin care preparation for the big day. A quick facial

the day before might not be enough for a flawless, dewy complexion. Our expert estheticians,

Tasha and Desiree, recommend beginning a skin care regimen up to a year prior to the big day.


One Year to Six Months from “I Do”

Schedule a consultation with a reputable esthetician to analyze your skin, determine problem

areas, and map out treatment. Your esthetician will also recommend products to incorporate into

your daily regimen. No problem areas? Great! Consider monthly facials to promote cell turnover,

deliver plumping hyaluronic acid, and healthful antioxidants. Here at Christiaan Salon we offer a

great Mini Bliss Facial, a busy schedule-friendly, all around facial that exfoliates and


Three Months

Check in with your esthetician to ensure your regimen is working as planned. At this point stress

and hormones may also be wreaking havoc on your skin, so a discussion of exercise, diet, and

stress-reducing activities may be in order. Don’t forget your groom! With the wedding around the

corner, he could be suffering from his own skin issues. We offer a therapeutic Zen for Men

treatment that deep cleans and focuses on relieving issues associated with razor burn.

Within a Month

It takes about 30 days for skin cells to turnover. If you undergo a drastic skin treatment which

goes awry, your skin will take 30 days to freshen itself. That means you’ll be looking your best

after your wedding day. Now is the time to avoid abrasive and drastic skin care treatments.

Simply continue hydrating and soothing your skin daily, maintaining a healthy diet filled with

clean foods, and exercising.

One Week Before the Big Day

Consider a gentle treatment to slough dead cells and infuse your skin with antioxidants. The

relaxing session will leave you calm, and your skin dewy and fresh. If your dress showcases

your décolleté, how about scheduling our Décolleté Treatment to exfoliate and moisturize the

often forgotten skin? You’ll ensure every part of you looks its best.

If you want luminous skin, sticking to a daily skin care regimen is important. For special

occasions, especially your wedding, working with an esthetician will help resolve problem areas

without the pitfalls associated with amateur home care such as redness and dryness. When

your skin looks its best, you’ll feel your best.

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  1. Virginia James

    Thank you for the wonderful article, I have been following three simple steps religiously, exfoliating, toning and moisturising, and occasionally using CLEAR CELL medicated acne lotion which I brought from, and my skin is glowing like never before!I think following a simple routine along with a good diet is enough rather than trying ten different things!

  2. Lesley

    Thanks for this! I decided to SR9009 for sale and found that this worked wonders for my skin!

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