Hair trends for 2017 at Christiaan Salon

Hair trends for 2017: Here are a few hair styles that are trending for the new year! Braids: Whether you’ve woven all of your hair into a single fishtail or you are wearing a few scattered three strand braids in your hair, braids are still all the rage. They allow you to make your hairstyle art and can evoke a very tough, street smart vibe or create a soft ethereal look.  Hair Accessories:...
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Prepare your skin for the coming winter

Even the most well cared for, balanced skin can be thrown off by dry, winter air. When skin becomes dehydrated, it often leads to dullness and flaking. Get ahead of the game and prepare your skin for the coming winter by making a few preparations. Exfoliate regularly Dead skin cells can clog pores and interfere with the performance of your skincare products. Exfoliate your face regularly, about...
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