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One of the most common complaints or questions we hear at the salon concerns thinning hair in women. So, we decided to do a little investigating to get to the root of this problem (no pun intended!). What we learned was that there are a large variety of issues that can cause this problem. If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning there is a good chance it is due to one of the following reasons.

  • Thyroid issues can cause thinning, shedding, dryness and tangling of the hair. With treatment some women see their hair return to its original thickness.
  • Low Iron and low lysine (lysine helps transport the iron) can lead to hair loss. Adding more grass fed red meat and certain green vegetables will increase your iron intake. Protein rich foods such as eggs, cheese, poultry, cod, and sardines can increase your lysine intake.
  • Androgenic Alopecia, commonly referred to as female pattern hair loss, occurs in the front and mid scalp area and is hereditary. Taking Evening Primrose can help because it increases essential fatty acids. Additionally, see a doctor about hormone issues that can lead to this condition.
  • A lack of protein in your diet can cause hair loss. By adding clean protein such as grass fed meat, fish, eggs, and quinoa you will see an increase in hair growth in about 3-5 months.
  • Too much Vitamin A is a reason for hair loss. Keep your intake to about 5000 IU per day.
  • Enduring emotional stress such as divorce, loss of a loved one, or caring for a sick family member can lead to hair loss. Once stress is lessened you can expect to see hair growth return in 3-6 months.
  • Physical stress can also affect hair growth/loss. Car accidents, surgery, weight loss, and diet change are all catalysts for shedding/hair loss. Once your body has recovered from the trauma hair will return in 3-6 months.
  • Hormones of pregnancy, perimenopause, and going on and off birth control pills can create thinning hair.
  • Menopause actually makes the hair follicles shrink, creating a finer head of hair.
  • Vitamin B deficiency can be caused by stress or birth control pills depleting your body’s intake of vitamin B. Foods such as meat, fish, starchy vegetables, and fruits as well as dietary supplements can replenish what you may be lacking.
  • A low fat diet can cause a lack of fat in the body resulting in hair loss. Fatty acid, Omega 3 & 6 nourish the scalp and create hair growth. Eat coconut, avocado, salmon, and nuts.
  • Autoimmunity issues can cause Alopecia Areata, which are round patches of hair loss. If you are experiencing this a dermatologists may be able to help with steroid injections.
  • Certain medications can cause hair loss. If you are on any of the medications they could be the cause of your thinning hair: Beta Blockers, NSAIDs, antidepressants, lithium, blood thinners, methotrexate.
  • Insulin resistance and sugar problems have been linked to hair loss. Avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners and having an active lifestyle can reverse insulin rejection.
  • And lastly, aging can cause hair loss.

If you identify with any of the above, you may have the answer to your hair loss. We suggest see a Doctor before acting on any of these issues.

Here are a few treatments/services/products we recommend to create thicker hair:

  • Kerasilk Repower Treatment. This 10 minute service infuses your hair with keratin, silk protein, and most importantly elastin to create thicker feeling hair strands. Kerasilk offers a take home line from Repower including Shampoo, Conditioner, blow dry spray, and a thickening cream to enhance this treatment at home.Hair extensions at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI
  • Hair extensions. While this is not recommended to clients with female pattern baldness, extensions can help add thickness to thinning hair. Just by adding a few pieces of hair in just 30 minutes you can have fuller, natural looking hair.
  • Volumizing products. We offer an array of volumizing and thickening products from companies such as KMS, Kerasilk, Pureology, and Goldwell. See your stylist abut which products are right for you.

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