This month we are featuring a SilkLift upgrade for highlights. We just wanted to take the time to explain to you the benefits of this product, why we love it, and what makes it an “upgrade”.

The original SilkLift from Goldwell started as a way to lighten hair without doing as much damage as traditional lighteners (or bleaches) had in the past. This allows us as stylists to get hair even lighter than we previously could, without causing dryness and breakage. However, it will not repair already damaged hair; this is not a miracle product!  

We consider this product an upgrade to a blonding or lightening service because of the special serum that is added to the mixture before application. A conditioning serum is added to the formula to maintain hair health. This serum contains Silkprotein Complex and ItraLipid technology, which recharges missing lipids in the hair. Lipids are fats that keep hair looking shiny and healthy; they can be destroyed by chemicals and heat styling. The ingredients in the powder itself and in the serum are very high quality, and therefore are an upgrade from standard lighteners.Silklift at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

Following the success of the original SilkLift, Goldwell released two new additions to the family: SilkLift Control in Ash and Beige. These lighteners have all of the benefits of the original but were formulated to create predictable, neutral blonde results while counteracting warmth. Because these formulas lighten and tone at the same time there is no need for an additional toner after the highlighting service and the tone stays truer longer. The Ash and Beige SilkLift are only suitable on certain hair colors and for certain results. For instance, a client with very blonde hair would not want to use the Ash because the result would be a bluish tone. Because of the variety of choices in the SilkLift family we are able to truly customize your upgraded lightening service!

SilLift can be used in many color services, not just traditional highlight services. Amazing results can be achieved when using for balyage, ombre, hair painting, and all over blonding. To maintain the color in between services, we suggest using the proper at home products. Our favorite is the Kerasilk Color shampoo and conditioner for healthy hair or Kerasilk Restore for hair that is damaged.

Talk to your stylist the next time you are here to find out if one of the SilkLifts is right for you! 

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