Beat the Frizz before it Begins!

As the warmer weather creeps up on us (finally!), we always like to remind our clients about our Keratin treatments that offer frizz and curl control. If you find yourself fighting frizz and dreaming of looser curls when the humidity hits, this article is a MUST READ!

Our Express Blow Out from Keratin Complex offers a speedy solution to curl and frizz. This treatment lasts 6-7 weeks depending on how often you shampoo. Application time is much shorter than a traditional Keratin treatment, so you can be in and out in just about an hour depending on hair length and thickness. For maximum efficiency of your time and money you could add this service on to a color service, this gives you a savings of $50 (Regular price $125, with a color service $75). Express Blow Out seals the hair cuticle keeping moisture in and giving temporary relief to the humid summer weather. This treatment will greatly reduce frizz and loosen curls. We do recommend using the accompanying shampoo and conditioner from Keratin Complex for longevity of the treatment.

For those of you looking for a longer lasting, stronger solution we offer you the Goldwell Kerasilk Control Treatment. This treatment lasts 3-5 months, however many clients have said they still felt the effects long after that. This treatment works with high-performing KeraShape Technology which actively interacts with the hair’s structure. During the Keratin Treatment it penetrates into the hair and creates new keratin bonds to re-shape the hair structure.The hair surface is left smoother and softer. The benefit of this treatment over other keratin treatments is that it is customizable. The formula can be mixed to best suit your hair needs. For instance, if you love your curls but hate the frizz we can keep your curl pattern but solve the frizz issue! Another example is for our fine hair clients, we can get rid of frizz but not leave the hair feeling weighed down. For our coarse haired, frizzy clients- have no fear, this treatment can be formulated for your needs as well. One last reason to love the Kerasilk Keratin Treatment: you leave with clean hair, no treatment is left on the hair and there is no downtime as to when you can wash it next. The Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service provides a long-lasting, customizable transformation into perfectly smooth and soft hair for up to 3–5 months (starting price $250). We do recommend using the Kerasilk Control Shampoo and Conditioner at home for best results.

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