Just as the season changes each September, so can the skin’s oil production. During the warmer months you may notice an increase in oil production, then as the temperatures drop, you may find yourself reaching for a heavy night cream to cure any dryness.

The skin’s journey through varied oil production is completely normal but shouldn’t be ignored. Once the skin starts feeling dry or dehydrated, it might be time to put down the Purifying Gel Cleanser and look for something that will cleanse and hydrate without stripping the skin.

In honor of fall, we’re discussing several products that you might want to add to your skincare routine as we leave the warm summer weather behind and head into cooler temperatures.


  • If you identify as oily but feel a bit dehydrated, try switching to Hydrating Gel Cleanser. This foaming gel gently cleanses, hydrates and brightens skin and will perfectly balance your varied oil production.
  • Usually a little dry but needing an added boost of hydration? Start your routine with Conditioning Milk Cleanser. As if the word ‘milk’ didn’t give it away, this creamy cleanser washes away impurities while delivering antioxidants to soothe and protect dry skin. Your skin will feel nourished and conditioned from the inside out.


  • If Oil Free Moisturizer isn’t cutting it this winter, amp up your moisturizer to Conditioning Hydration Cream for hydrated, strengthened skin.
  • Ready for an even richer moisturizer? You’ll love Restorative Cream– perfect for those especially dry, dehydrated times. Your skin will be transformed, giving you a softer, rejuvenated complexion.


  • A must-have for an added boost, Daily Hydration and Daily Hydration+ serums seal in hydration and prep the skin for moisturizers. Use Daily Hydration+ if you’re needing an intense hydration boost to smooth and refine skin’s surface.  If this isn’t part of your everyday routine, you are missing out!


  • Suncare is always, always, always necessary no matter your oil production level or the season. Whether you’re oily and it’s summer or you’re dry and it’s winter, you need to wear SPF daily. If you’re feeling especially dry, make sure to prep skin with moisturizer prior to applying suncare. If you’re still oily, reach for Oil Free SPF 40+ as your go-to SPF option.

For some of you, the skin’s oil production will remain consistent throughout the four seasons. If it’s always dry, always oily, or always combo- this is completely normal too! You know your skin best, just make sure to check-in with Tasha or Desiree each season to ensure you’re using the best products for your current skin concerns.

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