Dry Hair Vs Damaged Hair

Dry Hair Vs Damaged Hair As stylists we are often asked about dry hair vs damaged hair. Many clients use these terms interchangeably, however they are different problems requiring different solutions. Here are a few ways to tell the difference: To determine if your hair lacks moisture, consider if the following symptoms apply: No flexibility – Flexible hair stretches without snapping....
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The Naked Manicure From Zoya

The Naked Manicure From Zoya Treat. Correct. Protect. Healthy and gorgeous nails starts with the Zoya Naked Manicure 3 system.  Instantly transforms the cosmetic appearance of nails and delivers long-term therapy benefits over time. Cosmetic Benefits Neutralize unsightly discoloration Refine nail plate surface Smooth ridges Perfects free edges Creates a natural healthy tone and finish Long Term...
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