The Naked Manicure From Zoya

The Naked Manicure From Zoya

Treat. Correct. Protect.

Healthy and gorgeous nails starts with the Zoya Naked Manicure 3 system.  Instantly transforms the cosmetic appearance of nails and delivers long-term therapy benefits over time.

Cosmetic Benefits

  • Neutralize unsightly discoloration
  • Refine nail plate surface
  • Smooth ridges
  • Perfects free edges
  • Creates a natural healthy tone and finish

Long Term Benefits

  • Supports cellular renewal
  • Improves oxygenation
  • Enhance flexibility and strength
  • Increase hydration and resillence

There are six perfectors to choose from.  Each contains Keratin fillers, micronized reflective color pigments and micro thin film formers to create an ultra sheer veil. This ensures that the natural vibrancy of the nail is enhanced rather than concealed.  The perfector contains a proprietary blend of finely ground pigments, vitamins and botanicals that also help to promote micro-circulation and oxygen exchange.

Who Can Get Naked?

  • Woman transitioning from gels to natural nails
  • Those seeking a natural looking alternative to french manicures
  • Professionals who want perfectley groomed nails but who are unable to wear polish in the workplace
  • Clients who only want nails shaped and buffed
  • Busy moms who want pretty nails that go with anything
  • Athletes and highly active individuals who are looking for durable yet natural alternative to color polish.
  • Men who are concerned about well groomed hands and nails

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