Bio-Ionic Hair Straightening
Bio-Ionic Hair Straightening at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

Bio-Ionic Hair Straightening System is a permanent straightening process designed for people with curly, frizzy or unruly hair that want to wear their hair permanently straight.

It rebuilds, repairs and retextures the hair.The breakthrough-patented formula restores and revitalizes the hair to a healthier condition, leaving the hair soft, smooth, shiny, and silky straight.

Amanda, Michelle and Melissa have attended a special program in Providence, RI to become trained, educated and certified in all “Bio Ionic” techniques and services.

Q-How long do the results last?
A-The Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System is a permanent process. Your retexturized hair will stay straight permanently.
Q-Does the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System require touch-ups?
A-You probably will want to touch –up the regrowth after about 4-6 months, when it has grown almost three inches. Most women find that weight of the retexturized hair keeps the new growth very manageable for months.
Q-Can I color my hair after using the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System?
A-Yes, as long as you wait ten days after the service, you may color your hair without any ill effects. In fact, using Bio Ionic styling tools will help prolong the color.
Q-How long does the process take?
A-You should allow 2 to 3 hours or more for the Bio Ionic Ion Texturizing System process, depending on the thickness of your hair.
Q-How long does my hair have to be?
A-We recommend that the hair is at least three inches for the best results.
Q-Will I still need to blow-dry my hair after the process?
A-It will depend on your hairstyle. Some hair, because of its style and texture, looks great just with a shampoo. However, in most cases blow- drying-preferably with the Bio Ionic Ion-Smoothing Brushes- is recommended to achieve the desired style.
Q-What if I don’t want it completely straight but prefer a soft wave?
A-Your stylist can achieve a soft wave during the Ion-Retexturizing service and still remove almost all the frizz simply by adjusting the timing.

Non-Damaging Formula
Safe for Most Chemically Treated Hair
No Burning or Itching
Revives Damaged, Lifeless Hair
Brightens Color and Sheen
Minimum Odor
Natural Ion Complex
For All Hair Types
No Sodium Hydroxide
No Guanidine Hydroxide

A complimentary consultation is a must before booking
an appointment for the “Bio Ionic” hair straightening service.

The Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing Process starts at $500. (includes Gratuity)        Please call 401-521-5050



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