SKIN CAN CHANGE WITH THE SEASON Just as the season changes each September, so can the skin’s oil production. During the warmer months you may notice an increase in oil production, then as the temperatures drop, you may find yourself reaching for a heavy night cream to cure any dryness. The skin’s journey through varied oil production is completely normal but shouldn’t be ignored. Once the skin...
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Younger, Firmer and Wrinkle Free Skin!

Who wouldn’t want younger, firmer and wrinkle free skin?  Four tips to achieve more youthful skin. Antioxidents, Vitamins A, C and E are all excellent age reversers.  Vitamin A is an anti-inflammatory.  Vitamin C produces collagen.  Vitamin E helps protect and repair the skin.  The foods that are rich in anti-oxidants are berries, apricots, cantaloupe, sweet potato, mango, red peppers, cooked...
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Three generations, no split ends

Shared from the 2017-08-20 The Providence Journal eEdition SMALL BUSINESS: MAKING IT WORK Three generations, no split ends William Oates started Christiaan Salon 44 years ago; now his daughter and granddaughter drive its growth By Lilli Paknis Special to the Journal The three generations behind Christiaan Salon and Day Spa: business founder William Oates, his daughter Sheri Petrarca, and her...
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