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FAQ MakeUp                FAQ Makeup at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI


Frequently asked questions about makeup:

1. What kind of foundation is the best?
There are so many different types of makeup these days that there really is no right answer to this question. The best one will be what is best for your skin type. Oily skin that tends to be prone to breakouts may want to try a powder, mineral makeup. This will allow the skin to breath while still giving an even skin tone. If you have Dry, or mature skin that is lacking moisture, a creamier foundation or even tinted moisturizer should work best for you.
2. Should I be using a primer?
If your skin has uneven pigments, texture or fine lines and wrinkles, you may want to invest in a primer. Applying a thin layer of this on your face will give you a smoother more flawless foundation application. It will also keep your makeup in place for a long period of time.
3. How do I shade in my eyebrows?
For the most natural effect of a full brow an angle brush and powder is the way to go. Choose a powder close to or a little bit lighter than your hair color to fill in the sparse patches needed throughout the brow. Using short strokes, apply the powder in the same direction the hair is growing to keep it as soft looking as possible. Finish with an eyebrow gel if needed to keep the curly strands in place.
4. Where should I apply blush?
Always start on the apples of the checks. Always blend in an upwards direction towards your temples.
5. What should I use for dark circles under my eyes?
Use crème concealer and a light dusting of translucent powder under the eyes.
6. How can I avoid the crepe eyelids?
Eyeshadows can make eyelids look crepe. Try medium to dark neutral eyeshadow colors. You can use camel, gray, or a vanilla color. Stay away from shimmer and go for a matte finish.
7. How can I keep my lipstick from fading?
Dab a bit of foundation over the lips and a light dusting of translucent powder. This gives lip liner and color something to adhere to. Use natural color lining pencil.
8. Why do I end up with raccoon eyes?
You may be using too much eye crème. Try a light dusting of translucent powder on your closed eyes, before applying mascara.

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