FAQ Skin Care

FAQ Skin Care        FAQ Skincare at Christian Salon and Day Spa, Providence, RI

Q. How often should I get a facial?
A. A least once a month for maintenance because the skin cells
replace themselves every 28 days.
Q. How often should I moisturize?
A. Morning and night.
Q. Should I use an SPF all year round?
A. Yes
Q. What causes your skin to break out?
A. This is a very complex question with no definite answers. Hormonal fluctuations, changes in regular habits (i.e. sleep, exercise, diet, etc.), changes in weather, excessive oil and skin build up or bacteria are just a few fairly common causes.
Q. Do you offer body massage?
A. No, We do however offer body treatments using a variety of products and application techniques.
Q. Will I break out after a facial?
A. Most people do not, occasionally flare-ups occur.
Q. Can I go tanning and get a wax the same day?
A. Preferable wax 24 hours before or after tanning.
Q. How often should I get my brows or lashes tinted?
A. 4 to 6 weeks depending on life style.
Q. Can I wax if I’m using “Retin A” or “Retinaol”?
A. You need to discontinue use for 1 to 2 weeks before waxing.
Q. How can I get rid of or prevent ingrown hairs?
A. Waxing and exfoliation helps. Use Finipil once a day on damp skin, right after shower.
Q. What is Finipil and where can I get it?
A. Finipil is a antibacterial cooling lotion used immediately after Nufree hair removal treatment and for continued use at home. It can be purchased at Christiaan.
Q. Should I get facials during pregnancy?
A. Yes. If you have any concerns consult with your physician or speak with your esthetician before your appointment.
Q. Can I have a facial and waxing the same day?
A. Yes, in most cases this will not be an issue. If you have any concerns or exceptionally sensitive skin it is best to wait or consult with your esthetician.


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Q. Can I get my eyebrows lightened?
A. We can not lighten eye brows, only same shade or darker.)
Q. How often should I get my brows or lashes tinted?
A. 4-6 weeks depending on life style

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