Olga, Nail Technician

Olga, Nail Technician at Christiaan Salon and Day Spa in Providence, RI

Olga, Nail Technician

Olga came from her native country of Russia in 1998.  She was previously a registered nurse who continues to bring her knowledge of cleanliness and care of the body to her current job as a nail technician at Christiaan Salon.  She was trained as a cosmetologist in Rhode Island at the Arthur Angelo School in Providence.  She began her career at Christiaan in 2002.  Olga prides herself on amazing pedicures.  In fact, she is famous in our clientele base for just that!  Olga has two children, Yelana and Matthew, which are the center of her world.  


Hand and Foot Care start
Spa Manicure (45 Minutes) 22
Express Manicure(30 minutes) 17
Anti Aging Manicure (60 Minutes) 32
Vinylux Manicure 25
Spa Pedicure (75 Minutes) 55
Express Pedicure (45 Minutes) 37
French with Manicure or Pedicure +5
Paraffin Treatment with Mani or Pedi +5
Gel Polish 30
Polish Change on Toes (Clip, File & Polish) 15
Full Set of Gels 50
Fills (2 weeks) 35


  • Alexandra L. Providence, YELP! 5.0 star rating 11/16/2013 Best salon experience ever. Olga did my mani/pedi.
  • 5 stars. In preparation for a job interview coming up, I made an appointment for a mani and pedi with Olga. Three words: I. Love. Olga. But first, the services. 
    The pedicure was hands down the best pedicure I have ever had. You keep your feet in the spa water for 15 minutes and you are left to relax and enjoy. Then you get the usual treatment: trimming, filing, buffing, etc. I don’t think anyone has ever spent so much time exfoliating and buffing my feet before. After another round in the tub and an aloe-wrap, it was time for the food and calf massage, followed by the painting. My toenails have never looked or felt this great before.
    The manicure was equally great. I have really small nails and I like to keep them short. Olga did a great job working with my short nails and they look beautiful. Olga may have also convinced me to quit my nail biting. I know, it’s gross and you shouldn’t do it because it’s bad for your nails and teeth and the skin around the nails. But Olga told me the worst part about biting are the germs beneath your nails. Ew! I never though about that! She said you don’t even want to know what can live underneath your nails, and I think she may have officially made me kick my habit. Beautiful nails and a break through! She’s a miracle worker!
  • I also just had a really great conversation with Olga, and I’m absolutely going to rebook an appointment if only to have a few minutes to talk again. She’s adorable and so sweet!
    In short, you really have to try Christiaan Salon. I have every intention of trying all the services they provide, and when I do, I will be sure to come back and update this review with five stars
  • Hey there! If you ever need a manicure or pedicure you must go see Olga at Christiaan….She gives the best service and makes my hands and feet look fabulous for weeks!!!
    Also, the people are so friendly and witty, it makes the whole experience worth the trip.  Chrissy D

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